Peter Kingsley’s Work

Peter Kingsley’s work has been to bring back to life, and make accessible again, the extraordinary mystical tradition that lies forgotten right at the roots of the western world.

Crafted thousands of years ago as a system capable of bringing a human being to the experience of reality, this tradition is immensely powerful in its immediacy and directness. And it matters to us more than we can imagine because it contains inside itself the secret — the original meaning and sacred purpose — of the world we now live in.

Peter Kingsley’s books, and recordings, form a complete body of work which he is leaving for those who are able to understand it in future. The future of this work is, on the deepest level, the future of our world.

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“Peter Kingsley’s teaching is a journey back to the source — not only of Western civilization but, more importantly, to the source within you. To understand him is to be transformed”
Eckhart Tolle

“Stunningly original, Peter Kingsley’s work is momentous in its implications”
Huston Smith

“Peter Kingsley is a successor to Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell. He is a transformative and life-changing force in our world”
Larry Dossey, M.D.

“It is impossible to express adequately my esteem for Peter Kingsley. With the passion of an enraptured mystic, the eloquence of a graceful storyteller and the rigor of a meticulous scholar, he has accomplished something truly extraordinary. He has laid bare the prophetic foundations of Western civilization — and has done so in a way that touches the deepest part of the heart”
Pir Zia Inayat Khan

“There are few writers today you must read. Peter Kingsley is one of them. With absolute clarity he writes about the most challenging issues, and at the same time is inspiring in the most ancient sense: filling us with spirit and hope”
Thomas Moore