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In a world which is falling apart, our ultimate responsibility is not to fool ourselves with psychological fantasies or to send ourselves to sleep with spiritual illusions. It’s to discover who, and what, we really are.

Psychological work is often seen nowadays as a necessary, mostly soulless, task that has nothing to do with any genuine spiritual work. But as Carl Jung made perfectly clear in his remarkable Red Book, as well as throughout his life, real psychology is not something separate from spirituality. It’s the very essence of the spiritual process itself.

“Meditation on the Unexpected” is a descent into regions of our being far more mysterious than anything we could expect. Just like Peter Kingsley’s groundbreaking book Catafalque, it confronts us with realities we normally prefer to ignore in the hope they will go away. But these are precisely the realities that have the power to transform us — both spiritually and psychologically — because they come from a depth where psychology and spirituality are one.


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