8-CD set. New Lebanon, New York. 12-13 October 2006. 408 mins.
CD format only: not available as a digital download.



For many years Peter Kingsley has been writing and teaching about the urgent need to help bring back to life the spiritual tradition which lies forgotten right at the roots of western culture. In October 2006, at an extraordinary event in upstate New York, that sacred tradition came back to life.

This unique set of 8 CDs is a faithful record of the event. They cover in detail, and with great care, all the remarkably practical aspects of his teaching — including extensive and detailed introductions to ancient practices such as incubation and the conscious use of our senses. They also explain with unparalleled power and directness the whole point of this tradition, the point of life on earth, and above all the real point of being human.

Wherever you are, these comprehensive recordings are a unique opportunity to live the essence of this tradition and catch its infinitely subtle fragrance.

CD titles: (1) Activation. (2) What is the Point of It All? (3) Going Back to When the World Began. (4) Incubation. (5) Navigating the Primordial Ocean. (6) When Gods Need Help. (7) Uncommon Sense. (8) Become the Tree You Are.

Recorded at The Abode of the Message
New Lebanon, New York. 12-13 October 2006.
8 CDs. Total recording time: 6 hrs 48 mins.

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