A film by Thomas Gray. 63 minutes

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This film by Thomas Gray is a unique piece of work — the only discussion or interview with Peter Kingsley that has been made available since the publication of Peter’s latest book, Catafalque.

Spirit of the Depths offers a series of in-depth, and searingly honest, insights into the impersonal as well as personal processes involved in the writing of Catafalque. Engaging with themes that range from psychology to spirituality, from the immediacy of the present moment to the realities of the most distant past, this is an indispensable document for anyone wanting to understand the essence of Peter Kingsley’s work — and the life’s work of Carl Gustav Jung.


Spirit of the Depths creates a hole into the soul, forcing us to stare into its emptiness and darkness, dissolving the assumptions and prejudices heaped up on it for centuries. And it does so in the most wonderful way, moving from the level of the deepest depths to the human level and then back again, striking different chords with the skill of an experienced musician. The film is a medicine that burns and cuts, but cures effectively.”
Prof. Laura Gemelli Marciano, University of Zürich, author of Parmenide and Die Vorsokratiker


A film by Thomas Gray. 63 mins.


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