An Ancient Dream



Berkeley, California. 27 June 2003. 49 mins.


Available as a digital download (MP3).



This unique and moving talk was the keynote address to a large audience of therapists at an international conference on dreams. Peter presents a passionate challenge to the very basis of modern dream interpretation and shows that the whole world we live in is a dream: a dream that was deliberately created for us, thousands of years ago, with the sole purpose of bringing us all back to an awareness of reality.

By offering a rare glimpse into his own personal experiences and dreams, Peter vividly brings the past and the present back together. He explains how dreams lie at the deepest roots of this western civilization which now is coming to the end of its lifespan. It was through dreams and visions in the darkness of caves and temples that certain people known as healer–prophets originally brought healing and laws, as well as the seeds of our whole civilization, into existence. Now, only by returning to the roots of our own culture can we hear once more the song of eternity and bring real meaning back into everyday life.

Berkeley, California. 27 June 2003. 49 mins.


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A video version of this talk is also available.