Spiritual Urgency



2 Talks.
Giessbach and Bern, Switzerland. 111 mins.


Available as a digital download (MP3s).


Spiritual urgency is a subject rarely, if ever, discussed in the modern world because the original purpose and meaning of inner awakening have been covered over by so many layers of forgetfulness.

These live recordings are of two powerful talks given by Peter Kingsley in Switzerland. The first provides a unique overview of the sacred tradition that lies behind our Western culture, guiding the listener from the far-distant past right through to the present day. The second talk describes, and evokes, the intense sense of urgency that lies at the source of every spiritual tradition — and that needs to be uncovered again inside each one of us. This second talk also includes a German translation, which can be especially helpful for people more familiar with German than English.

Giessbach and Bern, Switzerland.
2 Talks. 111 mins.


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