Return To Eternity


Atlanta, Georgia: 6 March 2006. San Rafael, California: 1 July 2006.
3 hrs 32 mins.
Four-CD set. CD format only: not available as a digital download.


Designed to recreate the experience of a whole-day workshop in the convenience of your own home, this set of four CDs represents a major step in Peter’s work of bringing back into awareness the spiritual wisdom that originally gave rise to our Western world. Through them he shows that eternity is far more than just an abstraction or empty concept. It is an extraordinarily powerful reality waiting to be experienced by us directly at any moment of every day; and without that fundamental experience, so immediate and available to us all, no one’s life can be considered truly complete. These CDs contain detailed guidance in ancient forms of meditation practice, along with discussion of many subjects such as the nature of prayer and the connection between Peter’s work and the work of the great French writer Henry Corbin.

Atlanta, Georgia. 6 March 2006.
San Rafael, California. 1 July 2006.
Four-CD set. 3 hrs 32 mins.

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