The Language of the Birds and the Secrets of Depression



3 Talks.


Santa Barbara and San Rafael, California.
3 June and 18-19 June 2005.
134 mins.


Available as a digital download (2 MP3s).



To be able to understand the language of the birds is, according to many different traditions, a characteristic of initiates and mystics. But this ability has been forgotten in the Western world. And in much the same way, we no longer understand the divine messages from our own inner nature which often tries to communicate with us through the language of sadness or depression.

In this remarkably sensitive and profoundly challenging set of two talks, Peter Kingsley speaks on behalf of the wise voices that are constantly calling to us from outside as well as inside ourselves. These recordings are essential listening for everyone who feels a strong kinship with nature, and for anybody who has ever been touched by the hand of depression or has friends and loved ones who have been affected by this modern epidemic.

Santa Barbara, California: 3 June 2005.
San Rafael, California: 18 and 19 June 2005.
3 Talks (on 2 MP3s). 134 mins.


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