The End of Silence



Rhinebeck, New York
8 October 2006
80 mins.


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This talk describes the long-forgotten secret that lies behind our understanding of both words and silence. It plunges us into a world of infinite subtlety where there is only one principle that can guide or help us: the divine principle referred to by ancient Greeks as metis. Metis was their word not only for subtleness, resourcefulness, cunning, trickery, but also for an intensity of alertness and awareness which is simultaneously our birthright and utterly beyond our reach as humans.

Through direct examples and vivid stories Peter explores the paradoxical mysteries of metis, and explains how it has the power to bring us face to face with the divine reality of who we are. But at the same time he emphasizes that metis is not just about finding the unchanging reality hidden behind the scenes of everyday existence. It also involves learning how to navigate that existence and function effectively inside it. Without the subtlety and alertness of metis, spiritual life becomes just a mirage: another dream.

Rhinebeck, New York. 8 October 2006. 80 mins.


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