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We are glad to announce that a new edition of Peter Kingsley’s seminal book Reality, which really contains the heart and the core of his whole work, is now available. To find out more, click here.

A major new book called Catafalque, focusing on the life and work of Carl Gustav Jung as well as his connection with the famous Sufi scholar Henry Corbin, was published in 2018. You will find information about it, including reviews and videos, by going here. Or click here to order a copy.

For the full range of Peter’s books, visit here. Additionally we have a broad selection of published translations of his books into various languages. Several of these translations are available through this site. For all others, you are welcome to contact us.

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Interviews & Discussions

To listen to a remarkable discussion between Peter and his friend Adyashanti about their work and about the realities of spiritual life, recorded in February 2020, click here. A brief and poignant clip from their conversation can be found here.

An in-depth interview, Spirit of the Depths, provides unique insights into Peter Kingsley’s connection with Carl Jung and into the remarkable processes involved in the writing of his book Catafalque. You will find further details about the film here.

The filmed version of a discussion between Peter and the famous Jungian Murray Stein about Carl Jung’s Red Book can be watched by clicking here.

The interview with Peter Kingsley by Christos Vayenas in Autumn Salon can be read here. For a translation into Portuguese click here.


On this website you will find full information about our audio and video recordings — including both of our latest videos, Meditation on the Unexpected and Spirit of the Depths. Please note that all our audio and video recordings are available now as instantly available digital downloads.


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