The Audio Recordings


Together, our audio recordings offer a complete and rounded presentation of Peter Kingsley’s teaching in all its many aspects — historical, theoretical and intensely, immediately practical.

They provide systematic access to the meditation practices that lie at the root of this ancient tradition and, as such, are the perfect companion to his published books. Just like the books, every time they are listened to or revisited they reveal greater depths of meaning.

Recorded over a period of twelve years between 2003 and 2015 during the course of retreats, workshops and formal lectures, all our titles can be purchased and listened to separately. But we have arranged them according to their date because they are each appreciated best as just single aspects of a mysteriously organic whole. This is why we have also grouped them together into the three convenient volumes of our Complete Audio Collection.

All our audio recordings are being offered now, for ease of access anywhere in the world, as digital downloads in standard MP3 format. We may have a few copies left of the original boxed CDs: if you are interested, contact us.

To download these digital recordings from our website you will need a PC or Mac computer. Do not try to download them onto an iPhone, iPad, or any other phone or tablet.