Primordial Meditation: An Introduction



2 Talks
Big Sur and Berkeley, California
13 March and 4 June 2004
102 mins.


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The founders of our Western world were spiritual masters who worked deliberately with other states of consciousness, understood the language of dreams and were, in the deepest sense, healers. Unless we make contact again with these roots of the West, there is very simply no future for the West.

These two talks offer an invaluable introduction to the remarkable meditation techniques which were developed by certain ancient Greeks but have been buried in forgetfulness for thousands of years. Not only are these techniques powerful tools for self-transformation. They also lead to a direct understanding of the primordial meaning and sacred purpose of this world we live in.

2 Talks.
Esalen, Big Sur, California: 13 March 2004. Berkeley, California: 4 June 2004.
102 mins.


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