The Path that is No Path: From the Ancient Greeks to the World of the Sufis



Bellevue, Washington
23 October 2004
58 mins.


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This dramatic talk draws attention, for the first time ever, to fundamental similarities between the teachings of the great ancient Greek philosophers Parmenides and Empedocles and the writings of the great Sufi who became famous as the Supreme Teacher: Ibn Arabi. And these similarities are shown to be the result of a continuous transmission from the founders of Western culture in Italy and Sicily, through Egypt, to the founders and creators of Islamic Sufism.

But this is far more than a historical talk; and many themes are touched on which could hardly be more relevant to our modern world. The popular concept of a spiritual path is examined, along with the infinite subtleties and complexities that lie behind it. And Peter explains how the fashionable modern ideas of living in the moment or being in the now are nothing but tiny little fragments, isolated from their original context, of the vast esoteric teaching which has been kept alive in this sacred tradition he describes.

Bellevue, Washington State. 23 October 2004. 58 mins.


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