THE GREAT SECRET (Video Download)



San Anselmo, California
6 July 2006
80 mins.

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We all stand at a crossroads. On one side, we are faced with a weary Western culture which has lost its way — and, on the other, with remnants of sacred traditions from other cultures which have managed to preserve a certain wisdom and integrity untouched by Western materialism.

But behind both these alternatives lies the great secret. There is a mystical tradition of extraordinary power and beauty at the roots of Western civilization. And this seemingly meaningless culture of ours has a sacred meaning and purpose of its own.

In the clearest of terms Peter Kingsley explains why a rediscovery of that tradition is essential for both our individual and our collective future. This film is the result of an in-depth interview with Peter conducted by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, Director of the Global Oneness Project.


San Anselmo, California. 6 July 2006. 80 mins.


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